How to select ranges in a query linked to a view?


I’m facing the following problem. I’ve created a view, and the metadata is a query based on CustTrans.

In CustTrans I’ve added a field to group transactions, basically to group together some invoices.

So in this view I have AccountNum, the new field and the balance.

In a form I use the view correctly, it works without problems.

Now I have the following problem. I want to filter the balance by date. So I have to access to the query that is inside the view and put a condition for the transaction date selection ‘before’ the view is built.

Other filters I have put on the executequery method of the datasource of the form, like the accountNum but those fields are already in the view, and they works.

But I haven’t the date in the view, only in the query that belongs to it.

Anybody knows how to do that?


Can you please list down the steps which you have performed to build your view which has set the metadata to a Query based on CustTrans.

I mean how you have build your query based on CustTrans table. (List down your steps)