How to select entire column in NAV?

I am trying to select a column in NAV, but I just can’t figure out how to do it. I am quite unexperienced with NAV so I’m guessing the answer will be simple and that I will feel like a fool.


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I guess its not possible…

You have to export all data to excel and delete remaining columns except what you need…

Why do want this?

Thank you.

Our “NAV-expert” called me up just after I made this post, and he also said that it was not possible.It has to do with automatic payments, where the invoice already was payed/credited. In a file with 1500 automatic payments it’s about 200 payments that have no invoice to credit. If all 1500 had open invoices there would be no problem, but now the book matching starts over every time one of these closed invoices occur.

If I could select a column I could manually remove those posts from the selected column and, witch would only take a fragment of the time it takes to restart the process all the time.

I didnt get your requirement correctly but you can use filed filter to put filter on particular field…

I also agree your description of what you are trying to achive isn’t very clear.
Do you have an Status field (Open, Closed) that you can filter on?

What would selecting a column accomplish?
unless you want to copy & paste it somewhere.