How to select a value from a lookup and use a display method for the replacement value?

Hi, I have grid with some fields and ReferenceGroup which comes from a field that is the foreign key of another table, so it creates a lookup that displays first and last name of the employee, these are separated fields, what I want to accomplish is, when you select a record from the lookup, display in the field, the concatenation of FirstName and LastName, I already tried using a display method on the table which concatenates both fields, and add that method into a GroupField, then, in the ReferenceGroup, in the grid, I set this GroupField as ReplacementFieldGroup, but it’s not working, when I do it, the field is not being displayed in the grid, is this possible or not? please let me know, thank you!!

Any help? tell me if you need more explanation! thanks!

This is what I’ve tried so far:

I have one table “Employee” which includes FirstName and LastName fields, this EmployeeId is included into a table “Activity” as a foreign key to relate assigned employees to activities. If I drag the EmployeeId field into the grid, it creates a ReferenceGroup, and when I select any value from the lookup the value visible to the user in the control is either the FirstName or LastName, I need to show a concatenation of both into that control.

I created a Display method in the Employee table that returns the concatenation depending on the selected values from the lookup, I added this method into a new FieldGroup and the FieldGroup was added to the property ReplacementFieldGroup in the ReferenceGroup control, but when I do that, the field does not appear in the grid…I know it’s something possible.

I also tried by creating a custom lookup but the only way to setup a returning value visible to the users is by using:

SysTableLookup.addLookupField(fieldNum(Employee, FirstName), true);

and that only can be used when you assign a field from a table, any tip will be highly appreciated, thanks.

did u find a way to display them or not yet?