How to see translated UI on web client?

We are preparing to implement Dynamics NAV 2016 version for our new customer.

Windows client UI is working fine with our translation as a translation text file, but for web client we can’t add/change MNN as a language.

Is there any possibility to add not supported language for UI?

do you mean, you cant see language under my profiles–>language?


In the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Web client, you no longer have to edit the Web.config file for the Company, Time Zone, Region, and Language settings. These settings have been removed from the Web.config file. Instead, you use the My Settings page found in the upper right corner under your sign in name. Using an old link with a specific company will overwrite the choice in My Settings.


Thank you for your reply, Jonathan and Mohana.

Yes, i’ve checked My Settings for web client user, but can’t add/select Mongolian cryllic as a aviable language for UI.

For Windows Client, we added Mongolian Cryllic as a client add (dll’s) in because MNN is not a supported language package.

Is there any suggession to add MNN for Web Client UI language?

Windows Client language selection:

Web Client Language Selection

where did you add in RTC folders?

only in Roletailored client folder or also service folder?

Added in both RTC forder and NAV server folder, therefore our Windows/RTC client is working fine.

did you create also a manifest file, resource file, javascrpt file, … ?

for that please follow

We are using resource files and registered its public token key on addin table as a language resource. And an additional MNN language is working fine on windows client and development environment but not WEB CLIENT!

…couldn’t figure out what to check, where to start :frowning:

Yeeah, web client MNN language is working :slight_smile:

Three setups i find out to work Web Client UI with translation texts are:

  1. Need work with default Dynamics NAV server with translations (for additonal instances it is not working - will try to figure out)

  2. need to copy add in resources to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\90\Web Client\Resources

  3. also need to copy to dll files to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\90\Web Client\bin

very good to know, thx for the info.