How to see the "stock transaction" according to the posting sequences in Axapta 3.0?

Is there a number in system, with which we can see the stock transactions according to the ascending order? Because sometimes, if user changes the posting date, we can not follow the sequence according to posting date. Even according to physical vouchor number, since the system defines different voucher number series for purchase receive, for material consumption, etc, we can also not get the transaction list in according to posting sequence too.

Is there some good tool? Thanks a lot.

You can see the sequence from the table level. You will have the RecID field in the table level filtering it ascending would give you the transactions in the order.

Approach your developer.

Hi Santosh,

thanks for your reply. Do you mean filtering with the “Record-ID”? I tried as attached, yet the beginning transaction is negative, that should not be reasonable, right?

It would be nice if you could check the attachment for your reference. Thanks.

Wenyao4010.Document1.pdf (31 KB)

What do you mean by sequence?

Because a transaction can be created at one time and same transaction can be modified and posted at different time.

If you want to see them on the basis of the created time, you need to enable the createDateTime for that table.

I think 3.0 might be having createdDate option on tables(createdDateTime is available from AX 2009).

Hi Kranthi,

thanks for your response. In Dynamics NAV 2009, there is Item Ledger Entry No. or G/L Entry No. With one of these 2x numbers we may find the posting sequence for stock transaction in Axapta. Is there such kind of number in Axapta 3.0?