how to secure or hide the coding from client?

Hi frds…
we are having issues from client side.
We are woking in dynamics from client remote desktop.
on day time we are writing the coding but on night time they are modifying the coding
bcoz of this we can’t work properly.

We don’t want to say this problem to officer bcoz they always support client.

so here my question is

how to secure or hide the coding from client?

i tried to secure the coding in classes but still they modifying the classes.

Is there any solution for this?

The best approach is to develop in-house - you can use your own environment, tools, licenses, etc. and no other party can change anything under your hands. Work in a layer that the customer doesn’t have license for. Then you’ll deliver code as the whole layer (or model in AX2012) and nobody will be able to change it, only override in higher layers.

And use version control - people can disable it and change code without versioning, but at least you won’t lose any code.


Before leaving, export your codings, then when you come back the day after, reimport your codings and replace the clients developpement, it’s tedious but it does the job.

Another solution would be to discuss the problem directly with the client, you must have a project manager or someone like whose job is ti solve this kind of problems



thanks for ur eplay martin

Actually we don’t have the source or local tools to work martin that’s we have this problem

ok tell me how can we secure our code from form like creating DLL,EXE

Sorry Manimaranvasan, but I don’t understand what you mean by “secure our code from form like creating DLL,EXE”. Could you explain it a bit?

If you can’t work on your own machines, you could still use a layer that the customer doesn’t have access code for. Also consider using separate environments.

If you really have to share code with them, there is - by definition - no way how to prevent them from changing it. Then you would need version control to store your code, allowing to compare it and easily return to the latest saved version (effectively dropping any changes implemented without version control). But such a project would already be in serious troubles.

thanks martin i show your suggesstion to my officier to convey my problem to client.

actually what im asking is in java or .net after completed the project we will provide only DLL or EXE files to use(Not Full source coding) likewise is there any option in x++ or in dynamics