How to Search on Field on Grid coming through Display () Method


I have created a Project in Shared. It has 3 tables and 1 form which has grid to display values. I am able to fetch the values into grid whose datasource i have taken in my project. Now to display a field whose datasource i have not taken into my Shared project i am using Display method to get the values into Grid.

On pressing Ctrl+G we can search on a field and get the particular value . I want the same functionality in the Field which i have got through DISPLAY () method. How can i keep a Search on the Field which is coming From display method. Pls remember i am not suppose to use any dialog box etc…

Like other fields which i drag and drop into my grid from datasource and can perform search operation on Ctrl +G, i want the same functionality on the field i m displaying through DISPLAY METHOD.

Thanks for the help



There is no way to introduce search functionality (Ctrl+G) on fields whose data is displayed through display methods.

Hello Yasir,

Thanks a lot for solving my doubt. I am new in Ax, Can you suggest me how can I learn customization and coding in Ax and also understand conceptually how each modules in Axapta works and how to customize. I would be thankful if you can help me. If you have any material related to axapta then pls can you share with me. you can send me pdf or any material related to customization and coding on this address


Hi Himanshu,

What type of customizations you want to learn, for coding there are many books available on internet regarding coding in Axapta. also i will send u books for learning.