How to search on a variabile of a rtc page ?

HI Expert.

I am always being have a question, if we can search on a page base on a vaiable now a real field?

if we can realize it on these two actions: “OnfindRecrod” and “OnnextRecord”

if someone can guide me ?

any suggestion will be warmly appreciated.

Would you like to search on page based on Variable ?

If I am understanding clearly it means you are going to put some value in variable and on that basis you want page to show data Is it??

HI Amol .

Thanks for your reply.


I create a variable on a page, we will assign its value dynamicly base on some rule (may be get some value from the other table base on some rule), Then I want to type some value on the top search area of a list page, show the result which the variable equal my typing value.

if my express is clear? thanks .


I would suggest Create one report with request page .Pass value in the variable on request page and then show list page on the basis of variable value.

But each time when we want to change a searching values, we need to run the report again… it is not convinent…