How to search multiple objects

Dear Friends,

It is been some weeks I have been thinking over it. Kindly answer this.

In the Applcation explorer I am selecting some class objects and trying to find some word in those selected objects.

I dont see any option available there. Can you tell is there any alternative approach to achieve this.

FYI, I also tried to keep objects in project and tried to do so but no luck. I cannot find any option.


Which version of AX are you talking about? Unfortunately you didn’t attach any tag with the version to your question.

Also, what exactly do you mean “some word in those selected objects”? Do you mean in object names, in method names, inside properties, inside code of methods or where?

Thanks a lot Martin for replying.

Its D365 and I want to search inside code of methods of multiple classes.

Your question: Also, what exactly do you mean “some word in those selected objects”?

Ans: I want to search some word ( example : “custTable.Accountnum”) in 10 selected classes.

Thanks a lot

You can use metadata search to search in code, but I don’t think there is anything able to work with a selection of objects. I would copy the files to a separate folder and search the content of this folder; it sounds the easiest to me.

Also note that if you’re interested in where AccountNum is used, even if the variable is called somehow else than custTable, you should use cross references not not text search.

Copying to folder sounds good. Thanks a lot Martin. Much Apprecited.