How to schedule/reserve time for incoming inspection?

Some of our purchased items are put in a item model group where quarantine management is activated - so when we receive the items AX is automatically create a quarantine order and “hold” the items in the quarantine warehouse until the quarantine order is ended. It all works fine.

But how do we ensure that the planned PO’s (for above items) are setting a delivery date that is e.g. 3 days before real demand - to allowe 3 days for the QC department to do the quality inspections?

We do not want all the purchased items not requiring QC-inspection to be delivered 3 days before demand - only the ones requiring QC inspection.

Is there a smart way to do this?

PS. We are not using quality orders - only quarantine orders.

Hoping for good input from you. Thanks.

The lead time of the item should be set to include the three days, that is the simplest approach.