How To Save Multiple Objects In Single Transaction


We are using NAV in the backend of a web application.

We need to save customer, creditcard and shipping information in one transaction.

We are looking for an all or nothing scenario. If one fails, all should fail.

Is this possible to do in NAV?

If so how?



This is the Navision default, so no problem.

BTW if you are storing credit cards, make sure you know what you are doing, as there are serious legal implications in doing so.

Thanks Dave.

We are encrypting the CreditCard info.

Sorry to be such a newbie.

But I assume we would just pass the 3 objects to the Nav WebService and it would be handled on the other side by simply saving each object?

I am not personally responsible for handling the NAV backend, but I am trying to give confidence to those who will need to implement the process.

Thanks again,

There are plenty of ways you can handle it so that if any of the three changes fails that none of the changes will be saved.

Thanks for your response.

I feel compelled to respond to your “fishing” comment.
I am a fisherman and so is the person I am trying to assist in finding information about NAV transactions.
We all are responsible for catching many types of fish at the same time.
I came to this forum to get a quick answer in a situation where a quick answer was required.
The hope was that this forum would provide some detail so that other pressing issues could also be solved.

Hopefully, the person I am assisting will have time to go out and buy the book you suggested and then look through it for an effective solution.

Mark Phillips

For these you should always contact your NAV partner. That’s what they are there for. Good luck with your project.

Do not take David’s advice lightly. Be sure to understand the PCI regulations in your area. In my area, the potential fines from one incident could put most NAV resellers out of business.