How to save as CSV using Microsoft SQL Query ?

A colleague of mine has developed a SQL Query which output the data as below. We wanted to know if it was possible to save this file directly as CSV using a SQL Query. Basically I’m tired of firing up Excel each time to reformat the bloody file as CSV, so any suggestions that would spare me some time on boring file reformating is welcomed! Cheers, Tarek prod_reference prod_libelle cb_codebarre prod_pv ------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------ -------------------------- 101 PORTE DEPLIANT 0 0.00 D00081 BOULE COEUR DOREE 0000817 0.00 D00082 boule fil dor‚e 0000824 0.00 D00083 BOULE JAUNE DORE GM 0000831 0.00 D00084 BOULE JAUNE DORE PM 0000848 0.00 D00085 boule ovale m‚tal dor‚ 0000855 0.00 D00086 boule ronde m‚tal dor‚ 0000862 0.00 D00087 Etoile dor‚e joyaux 3ass 0000879 0.00 D00088 pampille jaune (3ass) 0000886 0.00 (25152 ligne(s) affect‚e(s))

If it’s for importing the data into Navision… you can always use an ADO automation for getting the SQL data straight to navision and not having to care about csv files… if you’re getting the data from navision… may be it’s faster creating a dataport for exporting the csv file… :slight_smile: Regards,