How to Run Report with RDLC in RTC using the Classic Report?

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Sorry for the complicated title. I have a report which had been develop both in classic and RDLC. By default, if I run this report in RTC, it will run the RDLC format.

If I want to run the classic format of this this report in RTC, the only method I know is to ‘Delete Layout’.

May I know is there any way to maintain the layout, but yet I can choose to run the classic format of this report in RTC?

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I think there is some confusion

In Nav 2009 version (I hope you are using the same) we need to design the classic report and on that basis we need to design the RDLC layout or system will create RDLC layout for us by ‘Create Layout suggestion’

Now you want to run classic report from RTC as well as want to maintain the RDLC layout .That is not possible as when you run the report from RTC that time system looks for RDLC report and if not then it will run classic report provided classic client is installed on the machine.

Hi Cmchin

check the link

Hi Amol,

The reason I want to ‘run classic report from RTC as well as want to maintain the RDLC layout’, is because somehow the RDLC took long time to run the report. But instead, classic report can finish in very short time.

In order to maintain the RDLC for future use, I was trying to find a way to achieve this. But from your reply, seems like it is impossible as RTC system will looks for RDLC report by default.

Just to double confirm, there is no way to maintain the RDLC, and yet make RTC to run the classic report?

Hi Akhilesh,

Thanks for your effort for reply to the thread. But what I want is the inverse of the link you sent me.

Thanks again!

No… You cant run it from RTC but you can run from classic…

Thanks for all the helpful hand! Have a nice day ahead.

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