How to run a Trigger in Navision From SQL Server

hi, I am importing data into my table with SQL Server. I would like to know is how can I trigger Navision onValidate fields when I am in SQL Server, so navision can validate all my fields entered with SQL Server … Thank you

What do you mean with “import”? Are you importing directly into the SQL tables? In this case, I’d say you can not trigger OnValidate at all - Navision triggers are written in C/AL code which is executed within a Navision client. If you are using Navision dataports, then the situation is entirely different. All you have to do in this case is to set the CallFieldValidate property of the dataport fields or to call VALIDATE(Fieldname) where appropriate.

No. You cannot gain access to the triggers in Navision when working in SQL Server. The only way to execute C/AL-triggers is to use a Navision Client or the Application server //Lars