How to run a batch and debug it?

There is an existing batch job in AX 2009 and I would like to debug and find the query which it is executing to retrieve the sales order having some specific parameters. How to run the existing batch job and then debug it. [Moved from title by moderator.]

As i am new to batch job concept, could you guys help me out on where i can find the query is build and retrieved when batch job is running.

And also how to run an existing batch job and debug it?


You can run it from the menu path or directly the related class (it depends)

To debug,…/

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Hi Kranthi,

Could you please explain the running of Batch Job part. I navigated to Basic > Inquiries > Batch Jobs

A list of Batch jobs can be seen. How to run the Batch job from here?My Batch job purpose is to retrieve a list of Sales order with specific parameters specified.


You should be at least knowing the job description to find out the job (from list of batch jobs).
if you are able to find that, then you can view the tasks for that batch job (classes that created the batch job are shown in the view tasks). So that you can directly run the related class either in batch or on client to debug.