How to reverse the Purchase order after the item was consumed by production order?

Hi all,

I am using Dynamic AX 2009. I am having one problem.

I have one purchase order with the wrong unit price, user registered the item with using the wrong price but manage to detect the error before posting the purchase invoice. When i try to trace the item, it was issued to production for work order, all the production work orders were ended.

My question is now i cannot unregistered the item which is now 0 in inventory. But if i post the purchase invoice as it is, the final cost for the finished good will be extremely high.

Is there a way to resolve this issue?

Thank you in advance for helping.

Hi Huan,

In basic when you post the Purchase order for the correct price, after performing closing and adjustment recalculation the item in the Production order will be recalculated. And the physical costprice which is used will be replaced by the financial costprice.

When after performing closing and adjustement the financial costprice is not the costprice you wanted, you can adjust the transaction. This you can also do in the closing and adjustment form, which you can find in the section Inventory Management under periodic.

As you said that already stock was issued , so in my point of view you have two options

a) you can adjust the vendor balance against that invoice by general voucher

b) next , you need to adjust the finished product cost using closing and adjustment form .

Take the advice of Ube, process the invoice at the legally displayed price, then run the inventory close to update your inventory on the ended works order. If you have sold it for a loss it is one of those things to learn from.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

I tried to follow Ube’s suggestion and it worked!

After recalculation, all the cost price in PRD were adjusted. Thank god…

Appreciated all your helps!

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