How to reverse packing slip and picking list in ax 2012

Dear all,

How to reverse the packing slip and picking list registration in ax 2012.

I’ve already cancel the packing slip and try to unpick in picking list registration. But it’s fail.

Thanks in advance

Why does it fail? What screens are you attempting this from?

Hi Adam,

I use serial number when posting picking list registration. after that i use packing slip. when i try to reverse the packing slip by using correct in journal packing slip. After that i try to unpick in picking list registration. when unpick it’s in an error

“Quantity 10.00 cannot be unpicked because inventory transactions with status Picked are insufficient.”.

How can i solve it ?

Thanks in advance


when you correct or cancel the packingslip, system automatically unpicks the remaining quantity. So, you do not need to unpick it again.

See your inventory transactions you might see a line with status “On order”, you can go ahead by doing the picking list for the quantity.

Hi Santosh,

Thanks for your kindly support. I also find another problem. When i try to correct packing slip and also define the serial that i want to reverse. Then i go to on hand inventory and find the serial that i mean is not reverse. So how can i reverse the packing slip with the specific serial.

Thanks in advance

You never could, you need to reverse it all and then re-process (this may have changed in AX2012 but it is how it always was)