How to reverse or correct wrongly posted statistical quantity

Hello I need help to understand how to reverse or correct wrongly posted statistical quantity .
If I am posting similar entry with negative amount - the system ignoring it, if I make “reverse entry” - so system posting duplicated entry …

If it was posted at the wrong cost, use Revaluation Journal to set the correct cost.

We need more information on what you mean by “statistical quantity”. Are you talking about an inventory quantity, sales quantity, or purchase quantity? If so, the answer may change.


Adding to other replies… Statistical Accounts normally would not effect the General Ledger so can you give more information as to how you reversed and why the message duplicate appeared? Statistical quantities could be FTE, Square Footage, etc… If you are talking basic Quantity, like Item Quantity, then this is not statistical.

Can you provide more information? Also, consider looking at a FREE Business Central APP called Statistical Accounts. Link below:|AID.d365_bc_statistical_accounts|PAPPID.efe31100-f1e2-11ea-95b8-67ae54a288f7

Hope this helps.