How to reverse GL revaluation(foriegn currency) entries in AX 2012

Hi All,

I ran GL revaluation in AX 2012 and noticed that entries were wrong after revaluation.

Can someone help me on how to reverse these entries?Manual entries won’t be able to correct the initial revaluation entry by currency. Can someone suggest other possible options.


Did anyone face this issue before,if so please let me know the possible solution.

Although I have never this scenario… I believe the best solution would be to change the currency exchange rates back to the previous rate and perform the revaluation again.

Thanks for the reply Ron.

I found the same solution that you have mentioned on the other forum

But I’m exploring any other possibilities than this.

Okay… Please let us know if you can find any work around.

Hi ChinniAX,

I was just going through the hot-fix release file and it mentions of hot-fix “KB 2 9 5 7 2 8 9” in which it is mentioned that it supports the reversal of GL revaluations… It is integrated in CU 6.221000.7184. What is your AX 2012 build? Let me know if you can get your hands on that hot-fix and if it helps your situation.

I meant CU 6.2.1000.7184

Hi Ron,

Thanks for the update. My client is using AX 2012 CU4 - 6.0.1108.2423