How to Retain the changes done in WebConfig file while reactivating the Inbound Port - AIF AX 2012 R2


  1. There is a limitation on the size of an XML message that can be processed by AX when called from outside. The default limit is 64kb. For the XML messages that failed, the message was greater then 64kb. Hence it was rejected by the AIF service. We have to adjust this parameter in the AIF service (inbound port) web.config file.

  2. After making the above changes i.e. in the webConfig file present inside the inbound port folder.

  3. When we are Re-Activating the Inbound port, the inbound port folder gets regenerated and hence the webconfig file gets recreated again. This removes the changes that we did above.

  4. Is there any Global place to make the above changes that will NOT vanish in case when the Inbound port is Re-Activated.

Would appreciate for a quick response.



web.config is created from the configuration of the inbound port, i.e. you need to change the configuration of the inbound port itself. It there any problem with it?

Hey Martin,

Thank you so much for your help.

I went to configuration of the Inbound port and inside the Bindings–httpbinding… I changed the property value of maxReceivedMessageSize" to a bigger value. After which, when I am reactivating the Inbound port, the value is getting retained in the web config file.

Once again thank you so much for your help Martin.