How to restrict the workspace in ax 2012 R3

My requirement is to restrict the workspace form for that I have create user login dialog box. until i provide the user login details the workspace form should not be use.

Kindly help me on the same.

Thanks in advance.

Why would you do that? Why don’t you want to use Active Directory authentication?

Can you help me on that how to use Active Directory authentication

Dynamics AX 2012 already uses Active Directory to authenticate users. You probably don’t realize that because you normally don’t specify username and password when starting AX - it’s taken from your Windows session. But you can utilize “Run as a different user” when starting AX client and you’ll be asked to provide the credentials.

Same like “Run as a different user” i need it while opening AX application.

So why don’t you use it?

For security purpose I need to login page for current user also.

Can you elaborate your actual requirement, please?

Are you trying to prevent the situation when a users, for example, leaves his desk while logged on into the ERP system and another person uses his session? If so, does it makes sense to solve this problem just for a single workspace? I can think of many frauds that can be done this way, therefore you should make organizational changes to prevent that instead of developing another logging screen for a single workspace in a single application, right?

Or are you trying to deal with a different problem?

No, if current user leaves the application(closed the application) and another person is trying to open the application with his credentials then the application need to close. An application need to run with current user and his credentials only.

So it’s “when a user leaves his desk logged into Windows (although not to AX) and therefore anybody can access his email, ERP system and almost every else”, right?

Do you think that accessing a single form inside AX is the most crucial security problem that you have at the moment? I don’t think so… That’s why I think that your suggested solution doesn’t solve the root problem.