How to restrict Account Schedules Rights in its update

Hi all,

i’m creating a new Account Schedule and i want to be owner of this table, preventing it from any modification from other users. Is there any way to block the created account schedule from any undesired modification from other users who are just end-user of my table?

Thx in advance.


In a nut shell:

By setting up one (or more) role(s) with permission that only allow the reading the Chart of Accounts. Assign this role to relevant users (either Database or Windows logins).

Note: if a user has more than one role assigned to him/her and one of the roles allows more than only reading the COA data it overrules all the other roles that would not allow that.

Hi Andrea & welcome to forum!

If you are the ONLY one in your company, who creates/modifies Acc.Schedules, you may set up Acc.Schedule Line table read-only through modifying roles. It will be a tricky job, but still can be done.

But you can NOT do it for one or several Acc.Scedule definitions only, as Navision has not Row security as standart.

Add a field in the Account Scedule Names table “Owned by User ID” and in only allow change to the Names or Lines if it matches USERID.

You would need to have a way of changing the ownership.