How to restrict access records ?

Hi How to allow only few users access selected GL account head ? regards, Sarukai

See how filter on Responsibility Center works in, for example, Sales Order. You can use same functionality to filter G/L Accounts for specific user.

Hi, I Would like to add some more into the body of my query. This requirement is for Navision Attain 3.7. regards, Sarukai

You could look at Lanham & Associates field and record level security add on for the Navision database. It’s a pretty handy tool. Go to

there could be a solution to the problem via some coding, i dont know if it would suit you none the less here is the solution. You can create a table with the following structure User ID, Form ID, Field, Filter using this table as the setup you can block the desired records on a particular form , so u will have to block the access on all the forms accessing a particular table [:(!]. On the Form Open even u can read the above table and set the filters accordingly i hope you know that to restrict the user from releasing the filters that you have applied whrough the coding you should change the FilterGroup to 2 before setting the filters eg :- FILTERGROUP(2); //now apply the filtes //the filters applied here will not be released by the end user //using the show all button on the main screen FILTERGROUP(0); for SQL server option there is an inbuilt support for applying the record level filters for roles in the permissions under the field Security Filters -Best of luck

HI IF its is only for GL accounts then, create a new field on the GL account and then populate it to the new field on the GL Entry. Also Create a new table for seting up of the userid and the pemission u can use options or boolean for permission and filter them when ever you view GL accounts and Gl Entries. You can do this very fast… Its very simple…

The “Field and Record” security add-on is from “Cost Control Software”, not Lanham.

Never heard of the company. Lanham and Associates has a pretty solid reputation and they do have a feild and record level security add-on. It also allows you to hide fields at the user level. Visit:

We use the EDI /Eship & UBP from Lanham. Works very well. It’s more than just some fancy forms, like cost control has.

Guys, How smart is the “Field and Record” security add-on? Have they simply made a mass of code referencing every field on every standard form, or is it cleaver and is somehow done a different way?

i tried to develop a Record Security Add-On, but I run in serious problems when it came to the INSERT part. As you know, records in Navision are inserted into tables after the primary key fields are filled in. So, if I filter on a field that’s not part of the primary key and then insert a record, Navision inserts the record after I fill in primary key fields, defaults the other fields and then throws a security error mesage, because the default values of the fields are not within the filter. If this makes sense to someone that has any ideeas… I can’t seem to get passed this problem.