How to restore CRASHED NF2.5 DataBase fi

Does anybody met prolem with database crash (size 1.6Gb) when freespace on server was down to minimum and when finishing operation - database gone corrupt and message 33852 module 19 appears every time I try to open it. Can any one help with repairing tools or any advice of repairing. Thank you very much.

Have you been able to run a dbtest from the command prompt? Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG

What do you mean by command prompt and dbtest?

Ok, from a command prompt you can start the fin.exe executable with some command line switches.

fin.exe dbtest=max

Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG

When I try to open database, navision runs process of “recovering of free blocks”. And when progress bar is about 40% following message occures: "Error 1084 in module 19"and description the meaning of it is - “try to 1.Test base. 2.Restore the buckup… and so on” When I try to run dbtest from command line error “33852 in module 19” occures with no comments. What is my mistake in repairing . Adn what can you advice. Thank you.

Hi Dexter Have you tried opening the database with the [dbreadonly=yes] parameter? If you can open the database, make a complete backup. Create a new database and restore the backup. We tried this once and it worked… Remember that the database free space should be checked on a regular basis. Regards Janus

Thank you! I had opened it in ReadOnly mode and it worked. I made a buckup and restored it successfuly. Thanks again. Best regards, Anton Dexter.