How to reserve stock without using Production BOM granule?

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Dynamics NAV 5.0 BRL BE edition does not have granules 5410 (Production Order) & 5420 (Production BOM).

In absence of these granules i would like to know whether it is possible to reserver and unreserve stock?

If yes then let me know how to do it…



It really depends upon what you mean by reserve!

The reservation setting is on the item, a sales order can reserve stock. You could transfer it out, you could process a BOM journal you could item journal it out.

Ultimately if you need production it would be a better investment to not buy BRL BE but buy the full software.


Thanks for your reply.

Note that the Production is handled by external software that is integrated with Navision. However the stock of the items utilized in manufacturing process is required to be maintained as inventory in Navision. The stock issued in a given production batch needs to be reserved when the batch is scheduled for production and accordingly the stock needs to be unreserved when the batch is processed and the production is completed.

We have customers who are interested in having our integration functionality on BRL BE since other editions of NAV containing Production BOM granule shoots up the price.

With Production BOM granule in hand it is possible to reserve the stock by cancelling and refreshing a Production Order whenever a Sales Order is scheduled. In absence of this granule the Production Order will not be available and hence i am in search of a different alternative to achieve the same.

Pls let me know if anyone of you are aware of this or has any idea. [:)]



I am not sure why the batch must be unreserved when processed as the stock is consumed, but if the item was on a transfer order reflecting the movement you could reserve it, you could call it a WIP movement journal to another location and then issue the components at the appropriate time from the new location, you also get the movement of stock reflected in processing as it would happen in the processing of inventory for manufacture. A lot of modification work though I would guess, and I would still recommend the production granules for so many reasons! [:D]

Remember you need to have a document to hang the reservation off to enable the reservation of stock.


The consumption of stock after processing a production batch is taken care of by posting an item journal with -ve adjustment.

I think discussing more on this will take longer. Instead i would try to have a shortcut at the moment.

Is there any link to download Dynamics NAV 5.0 BRL BE?


Is there any documentation that describes how inventory mgmt. is handled in Dynamics NAV 5.0 BRL BE?

If yes then i would like to refer it.