How to reprint a posted check??

Hi, I am a new NAV user and posted a check #10889 which paid off over 30 invoices so the remittance lines automatically caused NAV to void the 4 subsequet checks #10885 - #10888

a) How do I reprint check #10889 since its already posted? Please be detailed as I am a new user.

b) How do I get future checks with numerous remittance lines to print on plain paper so my checks don’t get screwed up again.


you can’t reprint the check.

We Photocopy everycheck and attach the copy to the invoice(s) paid and file it away. In case we need a copy of it (but it’s just a copy) & the check gets mailed.
You could run the a check details report if you need to have info on the check.

we also changed the propert maxiteration on the report from 10 to 25 so we get 25 lines on a check, but that doesn’t solve over 25 issue.

Others have edied the check report NOT to print any lines and create a seperate report for the details - then you;ll have to put them together.

the check report can be a bit dicey when editing it - so I would suggest you get your solution center to build/edit it for you.