How to remove the Invoice remainder quantity on a closed purchase order


How can we correct the following situation with the following open purchase orders we have (AX4.0)

We ordered 500 pcs of a given item, when we posted the packing slip we counted 508 pcs, but the invoice was made for 504 pieces.

The purchase order is closed for sure (2009) but I still have that 1 outstanding purchase order line with an Invoice remainder quantity of 4.
We didn’t inform the vendor they delivered more then they invoiced (difference is 32€)

What is the best way to get these purchase orders to the status invoiced and not messing up the stock (as 508 are added to the stock) as I don’t want to have these “ghost” open purchase orders.

Thanks in advance!

Invoice it at zero value, a true reflection of what has happened.

Hi Adam,

I have the same feeling, but the accounting departement doesn’t share my thought (yet)

I’ll inform them that I have got the same second opinion.



Well the alternative is to tell them to phone the vendor and ask them for an invoice for the non-invoiced items. [:D]