How to remove color on "Main Menu " field?

Hi all! Quick question. When using Nav 3.7, how can I remove the color ( now it’s RED , I want to back to the original one BLACK) on “Main Menu”. Thanks

Properties: ForeColor:0


ALthough this is technically correct [:D], its not the “Navision way” [;)]. The correct way, is to DELETE the property. Once you delete the field it will be replaced with <0> indicating that it is now back to the default value. I know that its virtually the same, and in this case no too important, but in other areas, it can cause you problems. E.g. in properties that are inherited. The value will inherit from the underlying object (eg from field to control on a form) but the Default will not.

And an additional one: When exporting the objects as text (as you would do for a merge process), all properties with a default value (like <0> will not be exported. So when comparing an unchanged object with the changed object you will get a difference, even if they look the same when being executed. It is always the best way to reset a value to it’s default value (by deleting the customized value) if the change is not needed anymore.