How to register invoices on system without costing them

Hi there,

I work in construction company with a large volume of purchase invoices. Previous software I used enabled me to register an invoice to Purchase Ledger (gross) and Vat ledger (vat) with the net going to a Purchase Ledger suspense account until the invoice was approved. Then a seperate module in the purchase ledger function allowed us to credit the suspense account and debit the cost of sales nominal ledger account

As you know there are many reasons that an invoice should be registered but not costed e.g. missing delviery dockets or simple overcharge.

On the version of Navision we have (BUILD-IT 4.01.03) we can only enter an invoice when its approved thus affecting our cashflow as we are not reclaiming the vat and affeceting our decision making as we do not know exactly what our aged creditors are.

Does anyone know if such a function is possible in Navision? to recap I want to register the invoice in the correct ledger ASAP and then when approved I wish to transfer the cost to cost of sales

Thanks in advance


Hey Tom,

Why don’t you create a Purchase Order instead?

That way, when all items are received you can post the purchase order which will automatically create a posted purchase invoice?

Doing this will allow you to register the PO without posting until you’re ready to register the details.

I agree. That is the way to do it.

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The way you are talking is not possible in Navision as Navision always work hand in hand

Best way I can suggest Create purchase order and put it for approval .Unless it is not approved you will not post the PO

Before posting it you can see on statistics what amount will go.

Folks, thanks for replys. I dont think it solves it though. You mention that we can post the PO when all items are delivered however an invoice could have 100’s of lines e.g. stone delivery and if one for two delivery dockets are missing or there is an overcharge, even by €10, then we cant post the invoice.

Its the invoice we need to post to the purchase ledger control account and the vat control account…without posting the net to costs until the missing dockets or credit note is received.