How to record Common Item codes in 3 companies???

Dear All, We have implemented Navision Axapta 3.0 in 3 of our company sites. we have a separate database in each site. Now the problem being faced by our purchase manager is : different sites record item codes and vendor codes differently through Navision. So the same physical item is identified by different codes in each site. e.g. ITEM A = ITEM B = ITEM C i.e. all these three items are physically the same, but recorded as ITEM A,ITEM B and ITEM C respectively in the three sites. So, if the purchase manager wants to see a consolidated view of the common items across the sites, in the current scenario it is very difficult. Can anyone please suggest me if in Axapta, is there any way to get a consolidated view or if there is any way to identify the items are already present in another site before purchasing??? I have gone through some documents about intercompany and virtual company accounts but bit confused between the two and also quite not sure whether it will really help me. Request you to please help me with this!! Thanks in advance for your time. Thanks and Regards, Dilip

Hi There is a table “InventTableCompany” and a field in Inventtable called “ItemIdCompany”. It should be used when doing intercompany trade in Axapta. With it, you can define your global item id’s and assign each item in your individual companies to such a global item id. For the Inventtablecompany, however, I think you are needing the Intercompany license.

Dear Helmut, Thanks for your reply. I will check the InventTableCompany and how it can be configured. I think this solution will work for new data which we are going to capture in the system. But for existing data which the sites have been using since last 2 years, any idea how to tackle that or consolidate that? Thanks in advance Thanks and Regards, Dilip

Dear Helmut, I have gone through some documents and it looks like for setting up virtual company accounts, the database should be same. Right now, we have 3 databases for 3 sites. I don’t think virtual company/table collections for company item can be set in this environment. I think one way would be to replicate data from 3 databases to a single database and then setup the virtual company accounts. But this would be my last option bcoz im not sure whether this will create any problems with our Axapta users. If you guys have any better ideas to tackle this situation, please pour in your thoughts…Thanks very much. Best regards, Dilip