How to read/write data from/to an HTTP stream with NAV 2016?

I have a customer who has an digital weight interfaced to his pc, using USB.

The way to communicate with this weight is via an HTTP stream. I read the weight from the stream, and I’m able to reset (etc.) the weight by sending simple commands back via the HTTP stream.

I am sure that this is possible to do directly within NAV 2016. I have previously downloaded files directly from HTTP into a file, and expect it to be the same.

The question is really how to send the commands back to the weight using HTTP? Should I be using the same .NET component or is there another to use?

best you follow…/…/d4cek6cc(v=vs.110).aspx…/204412683-Example-Code-for-making-an-HttpRequest-in-C-

be careful with correct datatype of the data array (byte or char).

Hi Jonathan,
Thanks. The two links from Microsoft knew already. The third is quite helpful!
And did hope for some “NAV examples” - but guess I just have to work on it from here…