How to read TAB separated file without dataport.

Hi. I need to import a TAB separated file to Navision. I can’t use a dataport, because it does not work with NAS. Everything else is ok, but i don’t know how to detect TAB character, seems that converts TABs to spaces?

Hi Cul, try using streams to detect the TAB character instead. Note, that this is only a very compact example that does the basic job you requested. As you see I left some work for you :wink: FileName := ‘…’; … File.TEXTMODE(TRUE); File.OPEN( FileName); … File.CREATEINSTREAM(InSream); WHILE NOT InStream.EOS DO BEGIN InStream.READ(Char, 1); IF char = 9 THEN MESSAGE(‘Foundya.’); END; … Cheers, Sven

Thanks. This worked fine.