How to read a error message?

I tried to post in Financial Management / General Ledger / Periodic Activities / Recurring Journals some lines and appear this message:

"Posting Date is not within your range of allowed posting dates in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template Name= ‘RECURRING’ Journal Batch Name='GJNL-REC, Line No.=‘239845’ ‘’

How can I identify which is the Line No.=‘239845’ ?

Each journal line has a unique number in the Line No. field. This field is not shown on the journal window. The only way the see this field is by zooming into al the fields available.

On Classic Client: select a line (possible the line you expect to have this number) and press Ctrl+F8.

On RTC: select About This Page (or Ctrl+Alt+F1) under the Question-mark-sign (right upper side of the journal page) and select the FastTab Table Fields and seacrh for the Line No. field (which should be listed as 3rd field as it the last field of the primary key of this table).

Note however, that it depends on the permissions assigned to you (by license and role permissions) whether you are allowed to use this functionality.

Hey Luc, thank a lot, is working!