How to Re Use the ID in AX 2009


I just Created 2 Tables.The Table ID’s are

ID :50008,


then i deleted one of my table my next creation of another object like Field or Table it automatically takes Next number i.e 50010.

But i want to Know ,how to use the deleted id 50009.

is it any chance to get unused Id’s in Ax 2009.

in developer docs i found one topic regarding this but i am fail to use.plz help me .

Thanks & Regards

Restarting the Dynamics AX Object Server service may help you.

I just Restart the Dynamics Ax Object changers will appear.

i heared from stored procedures we will recover the unused table ID’s.

Delete Table with ID 50010 and restart the service.

Hi Naresh,

To change TableId, try using this method - \Classes\ReleaseUpdateDB\changeTableId. For background info, refer here -

Obviously before you try this - take a backup of database and try this first in a test environment.

Lastly as best practice, before deleting any object always take backup of the same. Later if you want to restore, you can just import them with object Id.

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