How to query in User Portal

Now I am developping xsl style sheet under webpart and the user need to query before getting the output. How to query with XSL ? If we can not use XSL to query it have other solution or not, such as create ASP file to query or create link to ASP file Best regards Jirapa from Thailand

Can you capture the user’s response in a Navision table and run the rest of your process from that point? Create a web part to capture the user’s response and store it in a Navision table. DjangMan

Thanks DjangMan But I can not understand your suggestion, can you put it in detail Jirapa

I used an example from Navision US that created a new table to store a user’s parameter values. This table contained the user ID, the menu ID (so you could have different sets of parameters for different types of reports) and a place to store eight parameter values. A web part was created for each menu ID (Sales & Receivables, Jobs, General Ledger, etc.) This web part did two tasks. First it displayed the user’s parameters that they selected for the report and let them edit those values. The second task it did was show a list of reports that were published to the user portal and provided a link to run each report that passed the user’s parameters in the URL. I can e-mail you the example files if you’d like. DjangMan

Thanks so much. My email is