how to put stock items in quarantine?

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I want to know how to put items in stock in quarantine at the reception.

and how to release them?

Should we create a specific store for it?


-Create a warehouse as type “Quarantine”, Link this to your Main warehouse.(so, whenever you are doing stock receipt, this quarantine warehouse will be involved).

  • During stock receipt, register the items to Quarantine warehouse that is created. a Quarantine order will be created .

-End this quarantine to release the items from quarantine warehouse, Items will automatically be received to the destiny warehouse.

OK Thank’s

I will try this and give you the result.

Thank’s again for your help.

One more important thing, you need to establish in the item model group of those items that you wish to use quarantine, in the setup section, warehouse management fields group, the Quarantine management field check mark.


I’m new with this ERP and i tried to do exactly what you just said but i can’t get any result so fare, so plesae, if you can give me all the steps to get there, i’ll be very thankfull.

Thank you.

thank’s it works