How to put new opening balance in axapta without journal entry

Hi All

Could you please i am getting some issue for Ledger , Fixed Asset ,Bank Ac Open Balance how to put new opening balance in axapta without journal entry

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Hi Balakishanlaa,

We can import the opening balances using Excel. If ur using AX 2009 then go to Administration module under Periodic >> Data Export/Import >> Excel Spreadsheets >> Template Wizard select it you will find a form

Click on Next >> give the file name >> click on next >> a form opens with list of all tables, select show all tables >> type ledgerjournaltable and ledgerjournaltrans and select them to right pane of the form.

Using these tables you can import opening balance into application

Why do you want to do this - all opening balances are ultimately based upon journals.

U r right

But in case of this we missed a Opening balance for like Ledger, Asset or Bank at the time of migration. we r maintained one cut of date then when we found that time it doesn’t shows the open balance. so how can do journal.we don’t have any document right now for that type of journal and am asking for as a functional consultant at the time of implementation

that journal balance is before cut of date

I would be more concerned at your cut over reconciliation process to ensure it was correct to be honest.

You post it as a general journal and back date it. That is all. This then makes the opening balance. If it is a fixed asset record it is still a general journal to reflect acquisition and depreciation postiong. Bank it would be a general journal as would ledger, the key is with teh type of transaction within the lines. I would recommend you talk to your partner however.

Without populating the opening balances how did do the transactions in the system ( Assest - deprecitaion and bank payments )?