How to Purchase credit note reverse?


We are using AX2009.

In Purchase order line, we create a line with negative qty (-5 pcs), post delivery (-5 pcs), post invoice. (-5 pcs)

Now we want to cancel the invoice. We try to put positive qty (5 pcs) in “receive now” column, post invoice, but AX give error as “Update quantity is greater than remaining quantity on order line”.

How can I reverse a negative purchase invoice? (Purchase credit note reverse)

Create a credit not for the credit note (which is to be reversed - functions → create credit note)

then post the invoice again…


Yes, this is what I plan to do.

But user prefer to do it on the original purchase line – it can make sure the item cost is exactly the same as the wrong Purchase credit note.

Is anyway we can reverse the purchase credit note in the original purchase line?

Raising a credit note to the negative purchase order lines will give a positive quantity…(means it is a kind of purchase)

so i think you can take the item price what ever you want…