How to provide password for the claims based users in DAX 2012 ?

Dear All,

We can create claims user in AX 2012.I am bit of confused that, Where/How to provide the password for these claims users?

I have read from this below link.

In one section of above link,it has mention as


Create claims users:

Now as we have our Enterprise Portal site and forms-based site created and ready to test, it’s time to create few user for testing. We need to create users first in forms-based credentials database for authentication and then in AX for giving them access to different AX modules.

We can create our users by using New-AXUser cmdlet of the AX Management Shell. This cmdlet will create users in both the databases. For example; below command will create a user with the name of rahul, account type Claims user, AXUserIdrahul, domain name will be the name of the claims provider we created above that is FormsAuth and finally the password.

New-AXUser -AccountType ClaimsUser -AXUserId rahul -UserName rahul -UserDomain FormsAuth -CreateInProvider -ClearTextPassword “manager@1”

NOTE: You can change password policy in the provider’s web.config file.


So,Is it required to call the command ever time when I create a claims user in DAX 2012 ? or How to provide password for the claims user ?

Please guide me for the same.


Jagadis Sahu