How to print when fetch the records

Dear Sir,

I am the end user. Now I am enter the development side. I generate simple program X++ given below the coding. How to print this records guide me step by step from beginning.(from create class and end of the report)

static void samserenq(Args _args)


ProjTable projTable;

ProjItemTrans projItemTrans;


while select ProjItemTrans

join ProjTable // same as writing inner join

where projTable.ProjId == projItemTrans.ProjId


info(strfmt(“ProjId %1,Proj.Date %2,ItemId %3,Qty:%4,Category:%5”,projTable.ProjId,




Report is running and successfully and display. Now I need how to convert to reports.


Dear Sir,

You can use Query class for fetching Record with Join Mode:: Inner.