How to Print Label value one time in Body Section of Report

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I want to Print label value 1time in body section and Text Box value multiple time then how can i implement it please help.

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Rishi Chourey

Best way Print label in Header section

Dear Amol,

Scenario is like that i want to differentiate the data of one table in two parts i can’t take it in a one part so i took header and body for part-1 and took body for part-2.

and how do you want to print the report?


Part-1 header and body are printing properly but part-2 label and textbox value are repeating after each record so i want to print label of part-2 once at printing time…

I guess you are using sections as





You should group them and print something like

Group Header1


Group Header2


But GroupHeader1 and GroupHeader2 both are coming sequentially and after that body1 and body2 is coming so what should i do???

If you trying to print report from one table but with two different condition then use same table in dataitem with different name.

So you will get header for that second dataitem.

Just give a try!!!

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