How to Print a Post JV

Dear Freind ,

I just started using Navision in Maldives. Please tell me How to Print the Post Journal Report from Navision.




You have to open any posted entry else go in ‘General ledger entries’ table. then from there click entry > print voucher.

and click print.

you will get voucher which shows financial effect of the entry in debit and credit format.


Hi Janial,

Entry > “Print” button wasn’t on standard NAV. But dearly very useful one.

On standard NAV, you will need to open General ledger Entries, reset filter criteria to your like , then export to excel.

(otherwise, “Print Page” can be found on NAV2009 RTC , without too much formatting can be done )

Yeah, Then may be in this case one need to customise based on specific requirement.

Print voucher that we use here is having specific debit & credit amounts alongwith narration, dimensions , applied entries and few other things.