how to print 2 vouchers on a paper?


do anyone know how to print 2 vouchers on a paper?

situation: a voucher size is half of A4 paper,i hope that a A4 paper can print 2 report(voucher).

any idea will be appreciate.

Best regards


Hi Bill,

If you design your section(s) to exactly fit half a page, and do all printing in a body-section, then i would assume it happening automatically.

Alexander,thanks for you reply.

but i’m not sure that i exactly understand your meaning:

i need to design all of sections to half of a page? i donnt know how to do that.

do all printing in a body-section?

thank you very much

Hi Billwan,

I ecpext that you already are familiar with the sections-designer.
This is where the actual layout of a report i designed.
If you need to freshen up on it, then find the w1w1adg.pdf in the Doc-folder of the product-CD, and read chapters 12, 13 & 14.

Adjust the height of the sections, to fit a half page.

Body-sections are printed each time a record is handled, whereas header/footer only are generated once per dataitem. (or per group if group-header/footer, or at a pagebreak if trans-header/footer)

So since i guess you want all info printed at every voucher, then you can’t use header/footer-sections.