How to prevent page breaks?

I need to create a report which lists all invoices for cash sales posted in given period. Naturally, every invoice consists of several lines. I do not know how to prevent page breaks WITHIN one invoice. The only similar thing that I have found is the “KeepWithNext” section property, but it only prevents page breaks between several consequent sections of the same type, not between the iterations done within ONE section. In other words, I would like to tell Navision “please NEVER allow page break WITHIN this section”, but I do not know how to do it. Thanks for your help. karel2

Hmm, do you have a “variable” paper-length?? I guess you once in a while will have an invoice with more lines on than it is possible to fit onto one page :-). Is the NewPagePrRecord property not of any use to you? Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG

It is really interesting with that variable paper length. Unfortunately I do not know where to buy such a thing. You have a good idea with NewPagePerRecord property. However in this case, most of these (cash) invoices have only two or three lines. Therefore NewPagePerRecord would mean an unacceptable waste of paper, I think. The better solution (not in general, but due to lack of will to spend money for additional paper! ) is to employ TransFooter and TransHeader sections (“To be continued on next page…”).

NewPagePerRecord doesn’t work properly sometimes, generating a new blank page at the end. In those cases, you can try with newPagePerGroup and group the records by the record key field (that will group just by 1 record… and won’t give you a new blank page). That’s caused by the printing working of Navision: on Newpageperrecord when printed a record navision sends a newpage signal, that makes a new page. As it’s a new page, headers are generated before getting the new record. When getting the new record and seeing that there is none, navision just prints the started blank page. On newpagepergroup, as navision needs to read the records for grouping them previously to the printing, the blank page is not send. – Alfonso Pertierra Spain