How to preset default dimension for forex gain/loss account used in Adjust Exchange Rate

Hi all,

my setup require all P&L account to be analysed by Department dimension. When i run Adjust Exchange rate, system will prompt message “Select a Dimension Value Code for the Dimension Code DEPT for G/L Account 443000-01”, account 443000-001 is my realized gain/loss account

i have set the default dimension for this account

any solution for this ? Thanks


You are not the first person to see that setting the Default Dimension for the related FX G/L Account when running the Adjust routine no user can enter the Dimension values. I think this is a bug since the User cannot enter a Value to use. I have gotten around this by asking a Developer to add a field on the Adjust Exchange Rate option page called Dimension Department and the User enters the Value to use for all entries.

Hope this helps.