How to preserve ZUP file on upgrade

I am in the process of updating Nav 2.60F SQL Option to Attain 3.10. In the past we have upgraded from 2.60B - F and users lost their Zup file. It was tolerable for them in the past, but I know they can be saved.Is it as easy as copying their ZUP file, uninstalling 2.60f, installing 3.10 and then copying the “Backed up” zup file into their Application Data directory? Thanks Devin W. McMahon, MCDBA

I believe the safe response is “don’t do it”. There have been a couple of threads here on Navision.Net recently discussing essentially the same question and the consensus was that the format of the ZUP file may change (and you don’t know for sure) between versions of either Navision or Windows. Therefore, even when what you suggest seemed to work, it might not have. Search in Navision.Net on “ZUP” for references in the last 30 days. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Also it would be on no use to save the zup-file from the old version. Everytime an object is altered the setting in the zup-files are lost. And when upgrading from Financials 2.60 to Attain 3.10 all objects will be changed, and therefore all settings from zup-file will be lost Edited by - lennart nielsen on 2002 Aug 13 11:25:19