How to preserve setting's in AX for further deployment

Hello All,

Basically I’m not well-versed with AX but have been working on AX for past couple of months as a developer.

I’m implementing a help desk module in AX and need inputs for the following points.

  1. If I configure the additional user group in AX how can I deploy it on a different server (Testing Server?)

  2. The same as mentioned above how I can deploy the setting made for menu (additional menu added to the existing modules) on Testing Server.

  3. Is there any one simple way to do the above 2 points in one go like import and export all my day work and deploy it on testing server.

Thank You.


You have to export data from tables like UserGroupInfo, UserGroupList etc.

Export the menu and import it from your test server. If you are not already doing it, keep all your mods in an Ax project. This way whenever you want to deploy your code, you can just export and import this project.


Thank You Harish for your valuable time and reply