How to post on account invoice for fixed price project in MS Dynamics Ax 2012?

Also, how to approve the project quotation in the MS Dynamics Ax 2012?


Create a on account invoice for the project and post it either directly from on account form or from invoice porposal.

For project quotation approval, you can update its status.


what is the step for posting on account invoice since we do not have post button on the on account form or invoice proposal form.


Seems to be a user permission issue. Anyway i will tell you step by step process:

  1. Select a project and in manage tab click on on account invoice.

  2. Click on New to create a new on account invoice and mention the sales price.

  3. No click on functions and select invoice proposals in the same form.

  4. On The invoice proposal form, click on New and select on account invoice proposal.

  5. Click on Ok after entering posting date. On Account invoice will be created.

You can post it now. If the posting buttion doesn’t enables, than that is a permission issue.