How to post many Fixed Asset journal with many lines in AX 2009

How to post many Fixed Asset journal with many lines in AX 2009.

There are 4,000 lines in a journal.

Can you provide more details, like are they acquisition or depreciation journal? Do you Atlas installed? Do you have any experience about AX Excel importing function?

It’s Fixed asset budget journal. Transaction type is depreciation. Created through depreciation proposal. We have Atlas.

A little confusion here, why do you want to upload journals while you can generate them by depreciation proposal?

we cannot post the journal since it has so many lines like 10,000 at the most. the range is for over 14 months. Should we split by a few months?

14? wow…Is the fiscal period still open? what’s the error message when you try to post?

We didn’t get any errors since system get time out when we noticed it’s not posted after few hours later. We select “Post>Transfer to fixed asset budget” to post. But, still all the period needs to be open in order to post?

If the post takes a few hours to process, I would suggest to split the proposal into a few times. And you need to check fiscal period status, in general ledger, if it’s “closed”, you can never post any transaction to it ever; otherwise, you can reopen the period and post transactions. Not 100% sure if it works the same as budget module, but give it a try.