How to post a packing slip for a single sales line

Dear All,

For the sales line, I have created a function ‘Loan Sold’. During this operation i’m posting packing slip. Now, The posting is happening for all the lines in the sales order. How can I post the packing for the particular sales line ?

I’m using the following code to post the packing slip.

salesFormLetter = salesFormLetter::construct(DocumentStatus::PackingSlip); salesFormLetter.update(salesLine.salesTable(),systemDateGet(),SalesUpdate::PackingSlip,AccountOrder::None,NoYes::No,NoYes::No);

How can I post the packing slip for single sales line ? Please help.




Look at the third parameter (i.e. SalesUpdate enum).

  1. On the sales line that you want to post, populate ‘Deliver now’ field
  2. And change the SalesUpdate enum value to ‘DeliverNow’.

Hi Harish,

While posting sales order packing slip, I need to update quantity in ‘update field’ for each lines.

based on some condition I need to update some line to 0 or its value.

Please can you tell me how to do this through X++


Ambanna Yatnal